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A fantastic online Gitaar Masterclass with a revolutionary method to help you become a better player and break through your personal limitations. The perfecte successor for "How To Play Fingerstyle Gu

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The first of the long expected online MASTERCLASSES by Eltjo Haselhoff, a series of guitar courses for (somewhat) advanced or well advanced fingerstyle guitarists with a new, revolutionary approach to help you become a better player. This Masterclass is designed around Eltjo's guitar instrumental The Mayo Jar

A license provides you access to: 
  • The full performance of The Mayo Jar
  • 17 lessons, each for one elementary section of the song
  • Written instructions for all 17 sections
  • Close-up video clips with spoken instructions for all 17 sections
  • Video players with slow-motion function
  • Audio loops with corresponding tablature for efficient practicing
  • Backgroind information, playing and practicing tips
  • The full tablature for the song in PDF format. 

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Johan Beckers - 28-12-2020 20:47

Eindelijk!!! Heb de cursus snel bekeken maar het ziet er weer geweldig uit. Hier zal ik voorlopig mee vooruit kunnen! Dankjewel Eltjo!!!